We are proactive when it comes to health & safety and are proud of our record, with no serious injuries on any projects to date. OLAR’s safety policies are reviewed annually, and we consistently ensure that our employees are up to date on all necessary certifications before moving forward with new projects.

OLAR LIMITED is serious about health & safety, and we work hard to ensure that every project is handled with care. To learn more about our health & safety policies and certifications, feel free to contact us directly.

Health & Safety

Our employees are trained in the following health & safety courses in order to meet (and exceed wherever possible) current ministry of labour guidelines, and updates are provided when they become available. Our management team also participates in all courses & seminars to ensure our unparalleled commitment to a safe & injury-free working environment for every project.

  • First Aid Training
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Fall Protection
  • Confined Spaces
  • Infection Prevention & Control

CSA Z317.13-17

We have extensive experience working with guidelines set forth by CSA Z317.13-17 and treat all matters relating to infection prevention & control very seriously. Before beginning construction, the OLAR team conducts a pre-construction meeting with our client’s health & safety representatives; introducing the project team and reviewing expectations for health & safety, and infection control. We provide a step-by-step plan to prevent dust and odour migration, as well as implementing policies to prevent unauthorized access to the job site during construction, and ensuring that the work does not interfere with patient and staff activities. During this process, we also review requirements for delivery and removal of tools, equipment, and materials to help ensure a smooth process and a safe job site.

Exceeding Expectations

By reviewing hoarding installations and the intake / exhaust of air within the construction area, we can ensure that all criteria are being met before the project begins. With the use of HEPA filters, temporary ventilation is installed on-site and ducted to the exterior to maintain a negative air environment, capping and blocking off supply & return air ducts. We ensure that all HVAC systems are maintained properly in order to provide a safe environment in which patients can continue to receive the care that they need throughout the project. A final review of the job site is completed with our client’s health & safety, and infection control representatives to ensure that all criteria have been met, and adjustments are made where required. Upon approval, only then will access to the site be made possible for work to begin.

To learn more about OLAR LIMITED and our commitment to health & safety, feel free to contact us directly at (416) 233-5891 or fill out our contact form at the link below.

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