OLAR LIMITED’s mission is to provide exceptional quality, service, and safety throughout all of our projects in the healthcare, education, and extended commercial markets. By continually evolving and growing our team’s knowledge and expertise, we are focused on fostering an environment that encourages excellence; maintaining and building upon OLAR’s status as an industry leader.

Incorporated in 1975, OLAR LIMITED has grown from a family business into a team of industry experts specializing in new construction, renovations, and alterations; meeting and exceeding industry standards, while providing unparalleled project management and planning expertise throughout every project. Our focus over the past 30 years has been new construction & renovations in healthcare & education facilities. OLAR’s experienced management team and site staff have worked together to complete some of the most intricate projects, all while continually evolving and growing to ensure the best possible outcome for current and future clients.

Our Advantage

The OLAR advantage, and the reason we gain our clients’ repeated business, is that we are focused on providing unmatched commitment to each project. We have also had great success in meeting aggressive scheduling; completing projects on time, without sacrificing quality or safety. We are proud to have worked together with our clients in a wide range of roles & responsibilities and look forward to each new opportunity to show our clients why OLAR LIMITED is an industry leader, and the best team for your next project.

Developing Community

Many of our loyal employees have been with us since the beginning. For more than 40 years, we have been dedicated to building long-standing relationships with our employees; creating a community of industry leading professionals, fostering growth, and building trust & commitment with those who work alongside us. Our approach to every project is built and reliant upon our team’s collective knowledge & experience. We support our team, and encourage all of our employees to continually improve, by treating each project as an opportunity to learn; building on our team’s existing knowledge & expertise in order to provide better service to our clients with every new project.

Leadership & Experience

Our President’s hands on approach to OLAR’s leadership is what helps solidify our position in the industry. Shawn Meehan makes himself accessible to all of our clients & contractors throughout every project, from planning to execution; ensuring that their needs & expectations are met with the knowledge, expertise, and the personal touch required to get the job done right. OLAR LIMITED has extensive experience in completing renovations adjacent to occupied facilities, where disruptions from construction work can make all the difference. We have the knowledge and experience to complete these renovations with as little disruption as possible to day to day operations in an occupied space. We also specialize in interior renovations, including minor leasehold repairs, and the completion of work in new & existing facilities.

To learn more about OLAR LIMITED and how we can help you, feel free to contact us directly at (416) 233-5891 or fill out our contact form at the link below.

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